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Learn how to know anything about everybody by looking at their handwriting! Get both the Learn Graphology Course Ebook and our Graphology Course program for only $99.00! A $249 retail value. References gladly provided

Dr. Joel Engel is arguably the most renowned Graphologist in the world. For over 30 years, Engel has been a professor of Handwriting Analysis. He is available to analyze your handwriting exclusively on Learn Graphology.   Read More

with graphology course. This includes what career matches your personality!
Many handwriting analysis courses exist.
Unique Interactive Graphology Program!
This exceptionally entertaining program combines learning graphology and the analysis of signatures, with the modern methods of computer programming, to analyze anyone's handwriting instantly and have deep insight into their character. This program is free! Out of all graphology courses, Learngraphology is unrivaled.
All you have to do is fill in the 'check marks' where appropriate and this extraordinary program will automatically tell you the results! You will gain keen perception into:
Your children!
Your spouse!
Your potential spouse!
Your boss!
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Here is an excerpt from the Graphology Course Traits:

Graphology course Traits
Your handwriting is unique like your fingerprints. Fingerprints identify your physical body. Handwriting reveals your whole personality-your mind, heart and soul. Learn Graphology is the study and analysis of handwriting to reveal personality traits. It is an art and a science, a branch of psychological studies.
Personality traits and their handwriting components
  • Accuracy: - Exact placing of i dots and t-bars. Organized spacing.
  • Activity: - Angles, high pressure, large size, rightward slant, firm downstroke, speedy.
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You can become a certified graphologist in just a few short weeks. Certified handwriting analysts can earn $100 an hour!

Money Back Guarantee
I guarantee upon completion of the Learn Graphology Certification Course that you will pass and receive your certificate. If for any reason this does not occur, I will return your money. No questions asked!
View this sample chapter:

Lesson 15 What Your Signature Reveals

Learn Graphology is on a CD covering every angle of graphology. There are 26 exciting lessons, questions and answers, 357 pages, and an extensive index. Learn Graphology combines a unique interactive program, which performs an instant Graphology Analysis. There is email support throughout.

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As a graphologist and counselor, parents frequently ask if I can help them to have a better understanding of their children. Teddy a 12-year-old boy was acting out in school. His mother contacted me. Mom's reaction: "Wow, you are 100% accurate with your graphology analysis. Now what do we do?"


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